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Puttisu Petit Nail Sticker Set - Deluxe

Puttisu Petit Nail Sticker Set - Deluxe

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Step into the magical universe of our Petit Nail Art Sticker Sets 🌠!

With designs ranging from fairy-tale fantasies to scrumptious goodies 🍭, each set is a portal to a new adventure. Imagine embarking on thrilling treasure quests 🗺️, cheerful outdoor feasts 🍉, and shimmering sugarplum dreams 🌈.

Let your little ones' artistic flair dazzle with these beguiling nail art journeys.


  1. Make sure to clean and dry your nails first. 💦
  2. Carefully peel off a sticker from its backing. 🌼
  3. Position it on your nail and give it a good press. 🌟

For added longevity, you can seal the deal with a top-coat nail polish, like the Puttisu Glitter polish, to make your art last even longer! 💅✨

Material: Polyethylene


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