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Puttisu 3-color Nail Art Kit - Snow Cone

Puttisu 3-color Nail Art Kit - Snow Cone

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Puttisu nail polish top three best-sellers are packaged in a cute tin gift box.

*Water-based *Non-toxic (18-free)

*Easy peel-off

*Gentle strawberry fragrance

*includes: G06, C16, B01 colors

*Does NOT contain: acetone, acetonitrile, butyl acetate, camphor, dibutyl phthalate, ethyl acetate, ethyl tosylamide, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, GMO's, isopropyl acetate, metacril acid, parabens, sulfates, toluene, triphenyl phosphate, xylene or 4th gen quaternary ammonium compounds.

About Puttisu Nail Polish: 

Peel-Off, Non-Toxic, Water-Based

Let little girls embrace their inner nail artist with Puttisu's innovative nail color formulas. This water-based, non-toxic polishes are free from harmful chemicals, protecting delicate skin and nails. The natural extract oils nourish growing nails. Easily peel off the polish like a sticker when it's time for a new coat. Explore glitter, shimmer, and solid colors, plus fun sticker sets for nail art experiments. Enjoy bonding over safe and stylish nail art at home!
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