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Hundred Pieces

Hundred Pieces 2-Pack Shell Kids Socks

Hundred Pieces 2-Pack Shell Kids Socks

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Hundred Pieces is a French brand that makes clothes for kids and teens. The brand’s easy-to-wear, playful pieces are created using high-quality fabrics, cheeky prints and exceptional cuts. Big on style but at a reasonable price point, Hundred Pieces’ collections are made from the softest fabrics, such as velvet-finished cotton jersey and brushed cotton, which undergo special garment washes to make them extra soft and comfy to wear. Taking inspiration from music, sub-cultures and vintage leisurewear, Hundred Pieces are definitely among the coolest dudes in kids’ fashion. There are more than a hundred reasons why we love this brand, but if we had to pick just one it’s because they’re just so effortless and fun, and something that both kids and parents look great wearing. 

Conversion Sizes: 

27/30 = 10-12 Kids Shoe 

31/34 = 13-3 Kids Shoe

35/38 = 3.5-6.5 Kids/Young Adult Shoe

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